Who We Are

We are One of the oldest and renowned used offset printing machines dealer in India. We import finest used printing machines worldwide and sell them in India at very competitive rates.

We look for long term relations with our customers so we provide best and fair deals both in terms of Printing Machine Quality and Price. Our vast experience in field of used offset printing machines will help you best cater your printing business requirements.

About Us

AMIT INTERNATIONAL is connected with Graphics Arts Industry for the last three generations & are pleased to be associated with Czech manufacturer, who marketed ADAST DOMINANT range of sheet fed offset printing machines in India since 1954.

Machines like Heidelberg,Komori,Shinohara are also available from Europe duly checked & certified by authorised Technical persons from different Companies. Second hand Adast Dominant, Heidelberg,Shinohara, etc. machines are available from stock in India.

The Company has an extensive Service department manned by qualified & experienced senior Technical persons who have been trained in the manufacturers plant for installation,repairs, overhauling etc. The Company has installed many Adast Dominant offset press most of them 4 & 5 colour presses all over the Country. Spares,Installation,after sale -services,Transfer Cylinder (Indian & Imported) available.

Looking for to buy used Heidelberg,Adast Dominant,Polly,Shinohara,Komori etc for stock / sale.

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About Us

We are long established and renowned dealers of Used Offset Printing Machines of makes like Heidelberg, Planeta, Dominant, Polly, Komori etc in all Colors and variants, and giving all Printing Machine Solutions under one roof.

What We Do

Buy & Sell Used Offset Printing machines.
After Sale Service Agreements of Machines.
Complete Handling, Transportation and Re-Assembling of Offset machines at client site.

Services Offered

Our global network provides us with a vast array of quality used offset printing machines and bindery equipment to fit your needs.
We provide many services to our customers in India and abroad

Why Choose Us

There are loads of reasons why printers choose us to be their business partner.

1. We have more than 20 years experience in offset printing machine dealing.
2. Machines are duly inspected by our company experts before we buy and sell.
3. We provide complete end to end transportation and installation services.
4. Our rates are best and competitive with quality of offset machines on offering.
5. We also take care of custom clearance facilities.
6. We have industry best Service Level Agreements(SLA's) and After Sales Service.

Range of Multicolour Offset Printing Machines
Imported 2nd Hand

Adast Dominant 514, 524, 725, 745C, 755C, 846
Polly 745, 466, 474
Heidelberg MO, SORS, SORSZ, CD102-4
Polar, Perfecta, Seypa

Installation & After Sale Services
Adast Range of Dominant machines by trained technicians
Spares & Transfer Cylinder (original & imported from stock)

Swimming fish
Stock List
Machine Type: Offset Printing
Model Ref No Maker Year Detail
725P Adast Dominant 725P Adast Dominant 1993 Adast Dominant 725P - 1993 model, 2 colour, excellent condition machine. size 19 x 26
sr.no.140xx High pile delivery

SBG SBG Heidelberg 1961 Heidelberg SBG Automatic letterpress/cylinder size-56x77cm for die cutting,perforating,numbering,embossing etc. Frames, die cutting plate, paper trolley. V nice technical condition - from Europe 

516 Adast Dominant 516 Adast Dominant 1995 Adast 516 - 1 colour 1995 and 1997 model, excellent condition. size 15 x 20 

745 CPV Adast Dominant 745CPV Adast Dominant 2001 Adast Dominant 4 colour 745CPV Alcolor,High pile delivery,CPC v nice press from Europe 19x26 size 
Sormz 2 col 52x74 Sormz Heidelberg 1998 Alcolor dampening units- Baldwin fluid recycling system,chilling and alcohol Stabilizer,electronic side lay control,quick action plate clamps,Bacher plate register system, sheet de curler in delivery, Grafix -junior powder device. Sr no 540xxx 
102V 102V Heidelberg 1992 Heidelberg 102V straight machine, CPC, Alcolor sr no 533xxx. V nice press from Europe size -28x40 
466 Polly 466 Polly 2002 Polly 466 size 19x26, straight machine,Alcolor,High pile delivery. Imported from Europe. V.Nice technical condition 
414 AD 414 Adast Dominant 1990 Adast Dominant 414 - 1 colour size 10x15 imported from Europe, very nice technical condition 
TOK TOK Heidelberg 1998 Heidelberg TOK - 1 colour with numbering system and several numbering boxes from Europe, v nice machine. 
1 colour 515 Adast Dominant 1990 Size 15" x 20", Imported
102F HEIDLEBERG 102F 1991 Heidelberg SM 102F-5 colour + Coater - straight CP Tronic Alcolor, V nice from Europe
102VP Heidelberg 102VP 1996 Heidelberg SM 102VP-4 colour (2+2) SAPC CP Tronic Alcolor from Europe
745C Adast Dominant 745C 1998 Adast Dominant 745C- 4 colour Straight, water dampening, High pile delivery -Europe
745CP Adast Dominant 745C 2003 Adast Dominant 745CP- 4 colour, Alcolor dampening, High pile delivery,Semi CPC -Europe
745CP Adast Dominant 745C 1999 Adast Dominant 745CP- 4 colour, Alcolor dampening, High pile delivery, CPC -Europe
466 Polly 466 2001 Polly 466- 4 colour Alcolor, Inkdot (semi CPC) High pile delivery - Europe
466 Polly 466 1998 Polly 466- 4 colour Alcolor, Inkdot (semi CPC) High pile delivery - Europe
266 Polly 266 1999 Polly 266- 2 colour Alcolor, High pile delivery - Europe
266 Polly 266 1997 Polly 266- 2 colour Water dampening, High pile delivery - Europe
725 Adast 725 1990 Adast Dominant 725P- 2 colour (1988,89,90 Low pile) - Europe
414 Adast 414 1990 Adast Dominant 414- single colour size 10x15 - Europe
515 Adast 515 1990 Adast Dominant 515- single colour size 15x20-Europe
516 Adast 516 1995 Adast Dominant 516- single colour size 15x20-Europe
715 Adast 715 1990 Adast Dominant 715- single colour size 19x26-Europe
428 Komori L 428 2001 Komori L 428- 4 colour year 2001 PQC,Alcolor,EPC - Europe
755 Adast 755 2000 Adast Dominant 755CP-5 colour-19x26 CPC,Alcohol,High pile delivery -under shipment
846 Adast 846 1995 Adast Dominant 846-4 colour -20x28, semi Alcohol,High pile delivery-Europe

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